Students Management for College & Institute

Institute Management ERP
Institute Management ERP, developed by CAKIWEB, lets the users manage their institute in a hassle-free way. It comes equipped with all the required features that an institution requires. The software combines, maintains, and organizes all the necessary data essential for operation.
Convert all the intricate and time-taking tasks into simpler tasks with CAKIWEB’s Institute Management ERP. A perfect solution for all types of institutional requirements.

Salient Features:
  • It enables effective standardization of different institutional processes and let the authority to access the information for better decision making.
  • The Institute Management ERP helps a business to generate real-time and update reports.
  • It comes with multiple hi-tech and advanced integration for smart and fast management.
  • To maintain information integrity, it offers data backup support.

Admin Panel Work Features of Student Management

  • New Student Registration
  • View/Edit/Delete/Add Mark/Active, Inactive/Search Class wise, name & any types of search
  • Add & View Class
  • Add & view Subject
  • Fees Management
  • Upload & view test Questions class wise, Subject wise, Chapter, Date, kit
  • Multiple delete option
  • Multiple School entry
  • Trash Panel for Admin panel
  • Individual Student Progress view subject wise
  • Student Progress view Scholl wise, class wise, Subject wise, Student wise
  • Individual Students feedback set subject & Chapter wise with date
  • Parents & Students feedback View with reply
  • Teachers rating with feedback view
  • Teachers update class, Assignments ,Test Status view
  • Online Exam Creation ,question upload, Students Score Graphical View

  • Feedback Admin panel to individual students panel
  • Two types verification for upload Assignment on admin panel
  • New Assignment Tab on Admin for assignment upload class wise, subject wise, chapter wise

  • View Assignment Tab on Admin for assignment upload class wise, subject wise, chapter wise
  • Admin panel student registration form updating Students Contact no to Alternate Mobile no
  • New Attendance Tab on Admin for add students Attendance Month wise
  • View Attendance Tab on Admin for students Attendance Month wise on Graph

Student Panel Work Features

Student Login Through Roll No

View Individual Score/Group Score

  • Test Questions Download
  • Dashboard of student panel will show pie chart of total attendances with student photo
  • Expected, Secured, % off Marks will show in Individual Tab

Feedback will show individual students from admin panel

  • Online fee pay payment with due payment view
  • Individual Student Progress view subject wise
  • Progress chat on New Tab on Student Panel
  • Student’s attendance new tab as graph view month wise, year wise
  • Individual feedback to students from admin subject wise & date wise
  • Parents & students feedback to Institute
  • Students will give rating to teacher with feedback
  • Every Subject with Chapter wise Class ,Assignment & test status from teachers
  • Online Test