College Management ERP

CAKIWEB’s unique College Management ERP comes with different useful modules. The software is designed and developed, considering all the operations of the colleges. When it comes to carrying out the administrative works smoothly, this software works best.
It offers an extensive integrated system that effectively assimilates and automates operations, resources, and management of the college.

Salient Features:
  • With easy attendance management, it makes the daily attendance task a lot easier.
  • Class setup management helps in obtaining information about different classes and sections.
  • It facilitates the easy admission process of students.
  • Its fees collection modules will let the users reduce the manual work by 90 percent.
  • The time table management module enables easy adjustment of timetables.
  • It comes with great multiple features to customize the system.

Master Data
  • Session selection
  • Classes
  • Subject add class wise
  • Admission fee, tuition fee, hostel fee, day board fee, re admission fee set classes wise or All fees year wise.
  • Accessories name with about set class wise
  • Daily expenses types

  • Student admission prices with all automation (the adhar card with photo) with admission fee, transaction fee, tuition fee, accessories, day board fee or yearly fee with all documents.
  • EMI option for all fees payment
  • Bulk student add session wise, class wise
  • Fee concession for scholarship students
  • All student list class wise
  • New booking for next session
  • Re-Admission prices ( it previous dues not clear readmission process will not work)
  • Transfer certificate generated
  • Report for New Students admission for current session, readmission students, T.C students class wise
  • Fee concession student list
  • Session wise student list
  • All student list class wise

Payment Collection
  • Fee collections due or advance payment, choice for fee payment, with money receipt auto generated
  • Payment mode cash, cheque, net banking
  • All receipt report with print
  • Voucher creation with payment mode cash, cheque, with amount
  • All voucher lists with voucher no with print option
  • Cash book report

  • Fee defaulter with fine amount.
  • Payment collection report like cash, cheque, and total collections.
  • All fee status with class wise defaulter list reports

  • Certificate generated class wise, student wise, subject , grades as per University/Institutions Guideline
  • Certificate report with print

Co-curricular Activities
  • Certificate generated for sports, song and other activities in
    • Voucher details
    • Assets of school list
    • Library management
    • Notice with sms notification
    • Event with sms notification
    • Routine
    • Syllabus
    • Notices
  • Biometrical attendance for staffs and students
  • HR and payroll management
  • Daily database backup
  • Unlimited wiser access roll wise
  • Sms and email API integration
  • Visitor management
  • enquiry Visitor management
  • All report access
  • Hostel Management
  • Online Exam Creation

  • Admission, Re-Admission process
  • EMI Payment for fee collection
  • Stock management
  • Transport fee active/deactive process
  • All fee collection
  • Report for Due Payment collection
  • Fee defaulter report generation
  • Voucher creation
  • Cash book balance check
  • Fee concession process
  • Fees settings

  • Report to all fee collection class wise
  • Report for Due Payment collection
  • Daily attendance report class wise
  • Daily attendance entry class wise
  • Library report class wise
  • Notice generated class wise
  • Routine, syllabus, notes, note pad , event, creation, report class wise
  • Online exam report creation

Parent’s App
  • Pay online all fees
  • Due Amount Alert
  • Report of all fees download
  • Class work, home work daily with download
  • Library report
  • Notice with sms notification
  • Syllabus and notice download
  • Hostel, food chat
  • All exam report download with performance analysis
  • Suggestion box

For Teacher
  • Attendance
  • Class work
  • Home work
  • Upload study material
  • Lesson and time table upload

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