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Terms and Conditions :
CakiWeb aims to work with its valuable clients in a timely and professional manner. By choosing CakiWeb for the business, the clients are bound to accept all the terms and conditions set by CakiWeb.

Trademarks and Copyrights :
All the information and materials available on the site is accurate. They are the sole property of CakiWeb. Re-print of materials without prior permission is strongly prohibited.

Use of Services :
Cakiweb will keep your classified material, intellectual copyright, and other confidential documents protected.
CakiWeb warns that breach and plagiarism of copyright are serious offenses. We don’t take responsibility for identifying and reporting any plagiarized material.
The use of products and services present on the website is completely on your own risk, for which CakiWeb will not be responsible.
If you have any concerns related to the terms and conditions, please feel free to call us