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Cakiweb Educational Institutions School and College ERP Software is a comprehensive and advanced management solution designed specifically for educational institutions. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities to streamline administrative tasks, enhance communication, and improve overall efficiency within the institution. This ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is tailored to meet the unique requirements of schools and colleges, providing a user-friendly interface for administrators, teachers, students, and parents.

Features of Educational Institutions ERP Software

1  |  Student Information Management

Centralized database management for student records, including admission details, attendance, grades, and demographic information. It allows easy access to student data for authorized personnel.

2  |  Admissions and Enrollment

Streamlining the admission process, managing inquiries, applications, registrations, and enrollment procedures efficiently. It enables online application submissions, fee payments, and document uploads, simplifying the process for both applicants and administrative staff.

3  |  Academic Management

Curriculum planning, scheduling, and course management functionalities. It assists in creating timetables, managing faculty assignments, and overseeing academic activities.

4  |  Financial Management

Comprehensive accounting features to manage fees, expenses, payroll, and budgeting. It aids in generating invoices, tracking payments, managing scholarships, and financial aid distribution.

5  |  Attendance Tracking

Automated attendance tracking systems that can record and monitor student and faculty attendance. It can be integrated with biometric systems or RFID cards for accuracy.

6  |  Grading and Assessment

Tools for creating and managing examinations, assessments, and grading systems. This feature allows teachers to input grades, generate report cards, and provide performance analysis.

7  |  Library Management

Functionality to manage library resources, including book cataloging, circulation, and inventory management. It assists in tracking borrowed and returned books, managing fines, and maintaining library records.

8  |  Communication and Collaboration

Tools for facilitating communication among stakeholders—students, parents, teachers, and administrative staff. This includes features like notifications, messaging systems, and forums to enhance collaboration.

9  |  HR and Staff Management

Managing employee data, payroll, attendance, and performance evaluations. It assists in recruiting, onboarding, and managing the professional development of faculty and staff.

10  |  Data Analytics and Reporting

Provides insights through data analytics and generates customizable reports. It assists in decision-making by analyzing trends, student performance, financial data, and more.

11  |  Mobile Accessibility

Many ERP systems offer mobile applications, enabling stakeholders to access information and perform tasks on-the-go, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

12  |  Security and Data Privacy

Robust security measures to protect sensitive student and institutional data, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations.

13  |  Customization and Integration

Ability to customize features based on institution-specific needs and seamless integration with other existing systems such as learning management systems (LMS), email services, or CRM platforms.

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Are you struggling to manage the administrative tasks of your educational institution efficiently? Look no further than CakiWeb's Institutions Management ERP Software in Bhubaneswar! This cutting-edge software is designed to streamline and optimize various aspects of your institution, making it easier than ever to handle student data, admissions, attendance, academic performance, staff management, finances, timetables, exams, and library management. With CakiWeb's ERP software, you can bid farewell to tedious manual processes and welcome an integrated and user-friendly platform. The system allows you to access and manage all the essential information in one place, reducing the chances of errors and increasing overall productivity. This means more time and resources can be dedicated to providing quality education and fostering a conducive learning environment.


As a leading software company, Cakiweb takes immense pride in offering a highly efficient ERP solution designed specifically for school and college management. The team at Cakiweb understands the unique challenges faced by educational institutions and has meticulously tailored their software to effectively address these pain points. The primary objective is to deliver unparalleled value for money without compromising on product quality and effectiveness. Client satisfaction stands as the top priority for Cakiweb. Their dedicated support team is always prepared to assist and ensure that schools and colleges have a seamless experience with their ERP software. Whether it's resolving technical issues, providing guidance, or offering training to staff, Cakiweb remains committed to empowering institutions to make the most of their software investment.

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