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Get the best fleet management software available online in Bhubaneswar, India. Cakiweb has developed the best fleet management software which is crafted for rental management solution which strengthen your Transportation business with expedite booking and vehicle management procedures. Being the leading supplier of fleet management software in the Bhubaneswar area, We are dedicated to making Transportation and Rental business easier for both tech-savvy and non-techies. With only a few clicks, our user-friendly interface makes renting a car simple and accessible to people from all backgrounds. Our program includes an easy-to-use payment mechanism as well as precise time-and distance-based fare computations. Please contact us for more information about our feature-rich fleet management software in Bhubaneswar.

Benefits of Fleet Management Software

To maintain the brand of your company you need to have a strong tool that can give tight competition to your rivals. With the GPS based Vehicle Tracking Devices which are one of the vital parts of every business these days which helps to keep a constant eye on your moving asset. Vehicle theft is prime concern for every Vehicle owner. But we have the developed the best solution you can avoid this risk for your vehicle. Vehicle Tracking Device fulfills this requirement. With the real time GPS Tracking software, you can tracks every single move of your vehicle which you can observe from any corner of this World using Cakiweb Fleet management Software.

You must have a potential fleet management software that can put you ahead of your competitors in competition if you want the competency of your business. These days, GPS-based vehicle tracking devices are a necessary component of any organization as they enable you to maintain continuous monitoring of your moving assets. Every owner of a vehicle is extremely concerned about their vehicle location. We have developed the best way to stop your vehicle from avoiding the risk of theft. An automobile tracking device is the best method to stop this issue. These systems, which follow your vehicle movements in real time via GPS, allow you to acess it from anywhere in the world.

TWith the use of Cakiweb fleet management software provided by Enterprise Tracking systems, you can increase operational control and can improve your delivery processes. You can also improve customer service models, build stronger relationships, and foster operational transparency by efficiently tracking and evaluating locations and circumstances.

By monitoring your drivers, Our fleet software not only saves your business money and effort, but it also gives you a comprehensive view of the precise routes your drivers have taken and gives you access to their entire route history.

Key Features of Fleet Management Software

Comprehensive Web-Based Fleet management software & Mobile Apps

Fleet Management

Real Time

Monitor the speed limit
of the vehicle

Seamless Payment
Gateway Integration

Efficient Booking

Real-time Driver
Location Tracking

Group Booking

Integrated Billing
& Invoicing

Detailed Excel

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